Low gas prices expected to beef up holiday travel

Low gas prices expected to beef up holiday travel

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Traveling for the holidays can be stressful, especially on wallets. But luckily for Mississippians, the state has some of the lowest gas prices in the country.

AAA estimates that 48.7 million Americans will hit the road for the holidays; 1 million more than 2015. The reason behind the increase in travelers: A decrease in gas prices.

According to gasbuddy.com, drivers are on track to see the lowest prices since 2008.

"I think gas prices are great. I thought they were low because of the election, now the election is over with and they're still low so that's a great thing," said Biloxi resident Keith French.

As usual, the prices in Mississippi are below the national average of $2.14. In fact, drivers willing to look hard enough can fill up their tank for $1.79 a gallon; 10 cents lower than the average statewide price.

According to mississippigasprices.com, the average price in Harrison County is hovering around a $1.89 per gallon, which is great news for Biloxi resident Tishama Elliot.

"Well, the prices being low right now is very economical so it's pleasing to me. If the gas prices are at a higher rate, it pretty much takes me a good amount to fill up my truck. It is a Suburban so it takes quite a bit of gas." Elliot said.

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