Action Report: Bearcat Auto Sales investigation

Action Report: Bearcat Auto Sales investigation

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - Some customers who purchased vehicles from Bearcat Auto Sales in Long Beach are up in arms because they say owner Joel Carruba never gave them their car title.

As a result, customers say they're driving around without a car tag because they can't get one without showing proof of ownership.

Bearcat Auto Sales is located on the corner of Commission and Klondyke Road in Long Beach. Three used cars remain on the lot, but Carruba is nowhere to be found.

Perrin Hurdle can't sell the car he purchased for his granddaughter because he never got the car title.

Hurdle said, "I went down to the courthouse the other day because she couldn't find the title and the lady down at the Courthouse told me the paperwork was never filed for the car," said Hurdle.

Hurdle says he paid cash for the vehicle.

"He took over $4,000 of my money and I have something I'm not even sure I own quite honest with you," Hurdle.

Chris Necaise says in August of 2015 his mom purchased a car for him for $8,000 and paid in cash. He can't buy a license plate because he never received the car title.

"I called the state, called the county, can't get a tag for my car, "said Necaise. "We've gotten pulled over a couple of times for an expired tag."

Necaise says the Mississippi Department of Revenue sent a letter to Joel Carruba requesting that he resolve the title issue. There's been no response from Carruba.

WLOX News Now left multiple messages for Carruba, but he has yet to respond. On Facebook there's even a community called: "People Done Wrong by Bearcat Auto Sales. Carruba is also selling cars on Craig's List and on Facebook.

Long Beach Mayor Billy Skellie confirmed that Joel Carruba doesn't have a business privilege license, which is a state law. Skellie says the city will send him a letter to comply. If he doesn't, he says the city will shutdown Bearcat Auto Sales.

Customers having issues with receiving their title can visit the State Attorney General website and fill-out a consumer complaint form.

"If anyone else out there has bought a vehicle from him, they can go to the website and share information and we can tell you what to do.  Maybe we can get some king of a group lawsuit," said Joel Echols.

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