Temperatures tumble as drought deepens

Temperatures tumble as drought deepens
About half of the WLOX area is under a severe drought.
About half of the WLOX area is under a severe drought.

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - It's mid-November and a cold front is on the way. While it did not bring much rain, it will surely bring a big chill.

Cold Canadian air blasts into South Mississippi on Saturday, preventing our afternoon temperatures from warming beyond the 60s.

Then, on Saturday night, inland areas will likely experience their first freeze of the season when inland temperatures drop to the lower 30s and coastal temperatures drop to the upper 30s.

Sunday will be less windy but still cool with another round of 60s for highs.

Most South MS residents will prepare their pets and plants for their 1st fall freeze Sunday night, the coldest night when freezing temps will reach even coastal locations with inland areas plunging into the upper 20s.

"The WLOX Weather App will really come in handy this weekend," said WLOX First Alert Meteorologist Wesley Williams. "As long as users remember to turn on their WLOX Alerts in the app settings and set the app to their location, they will be able to receive the latest updates from our weather team."

Typically, a November cold front means to expect a drenching of rain showers and a rattling of thunderstorms. But, like most fronts this season, this one didn't bring much wet weather.

The entire fall season has been much drier than normal so far.

This is unfortunate as about half of our South Mississippi region becomes gripped by severe drought, according to The National Drought Mitigation Center.

"Topsoil moisture was short to very short across 91% of Mississippi," read a Nov. 13 United States Department of Agriculture report. "And subsoil moisture was short or very short in 90% of Mississippi."

"With streams, creeks, and branches drying up, producers are having major issues with watering livestock and peoples' wells drying up," the NDMC reported on Thursday.

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