Teen Deaths Leave A Community In Shock

Two South Mississippi teens drowned after a day of fishing in the Desoto National Forest.

The boys, just 16 and 17, died Thursday night in Greene County at Turkey Fork Creek, a popular swimming and fishing spot.

Their names have not yet been released, but authorities say one of the boys was from Greene County, the other from Perry County.

"When I got here hysterics. It was just pandemonium. Everybody was just shocked, I am talking about brokenhearted. No one could even talk,"Assistant Fire Chief Ikey Bird says.

"I would have to say they were best friends, kind of like brothers. You never seen one without the other," Greene County detective Tony Holifield says.

Holifield knew the boys and believes they simply decided to go for a swim.

"I was holding on to that hope that they were playing a little trick on a little girl and we would find them on the pier or sitting over there, just typical being boys," Holifield says.

Bits of yellow police tape cast a shadow over Turkey Fork Creek and the friends clearing out the boys' campsite.

"Everybody knows everybody up here and most of them are family. And everybody is just tore up, devastated, you know," Bird says.

"This is very tragic and has affected the community greatly. This a small rural community. The people have come together closely," Holifield says.

As they comfort one another, Holifield says the tragedy reminds him how precious life is.

"Never take any second you got with your children for granted because you never know."