$2.2 million of Mississippi Power refunds unclaimed

$2.2 million of Mississippi Power refunds unclaimed

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Any previous or current Mississippi Power customer who did not receive their Kemper refund in 2015 still has a chance to be reimbursed.

Though 99.4 percent of the Kemper refunds have been claimed, $2.2 million remains unclaimed. To see if you or your loved one still has an unclaimed refund simply go to Mississippi Power's web page http://www.mississippipower.com/.

Click the Customer Unclaimed Refund option. Once that page opens you'll be prompted to put your last name or business name in the refund search bar and click search. If you still have money owed to you, your name or business name will appear. At that point you will be asked to call 1-800-532-1502 and a representative will help you collect your refund.

In 2015, the public service commission ordered the company to pay back over $300 million in rate increases to customers. The rate increases were associated with construction of the Kemper County plant.

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