Neighbors fed up with violence at Goldin Sportsplex

Neighbors fed up with violence at Goldin Sportsplex
Multiple fights at a Gulfport sports complex sent teens running Tuesday afternoon. (Photo source: Facebook)
Multiple fights at a Gulfport sports complex sent teens running Tuesday afternoon. (Photo source: Facebook)

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Those who live near Goldin Sportsplex are outraged that the park has played host to yet another large fight.

Glenda Morgan said she was appalled as she watched a video showing dozens of young men and women involved in a melee at the park less than a mile from her home.

(WARNING: Video contains graphic language)

"I take my grandchildren over there to play, and now that I've heard there were gunshots over there and fighting, we as leaders need to be examples to our children," said Morgan, who lives in the Wingate subdivision.

Goldin Sportsplex was built for sports and recreation, not fights like this. Hundreds of homes surround the park that has football fields, baseball fields, basketball ball courts, and tennis courts.

"When the kids aren't playing ball, it should be gated up. I really believe so. I mean, people don't belong in that park if they're not playing ball," said another man who lives nearby.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened at the Goldin Sportsplex. Just last year, a similar video surfaced of adults fighting in the same spot.

"I am very concerned. I feel that stuff like this shouldn't happen in these neighborhoods. Thank God nobody got shot."

That video now has more than 400 shares on social media. Some neighbors are calling it the wrong way to utilize those platforms.

"Today is social media. That's our lives today. I use it here and there, because I don't have the time to sit there and use it all day long like most people, and I think that's too much for some children, teenagers. It has to be managed by their parents," said Morgan.

In the meantime, residents said they will push to have something done to keep this type of bad behavior away from their park.

Police tell us they believe they will be able to make arrests based on those who appear in the video.

Harrison Central High School Principal Avery Bush said he was made aware of the video and identified some of the young people as his students.

Harrison County School District Superintendent Roy Gill released this statement Wednesday morning:

The situation is out of our hands, because it has nothing to do with school. If it came into school, we would handle it accordingly. Extra precautions were put into place at Harrison Central High School today, due to the incident. That type of behavior is zero tolerance at school.

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