Well-known entertainer brings anti-bullying message to coast schools

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Students in Pascagoula are back in class after hearing a message of hope and encouragement.

The kids filling the room are leaving with a positive message. Sir Rod Patterson was as entertaining as he was inspiring.

Patterson expressed the harmful effects of bullying through a one-man show. He had Jackson Elementary School in Pascagoula laughing and roaring with applause and learning an important lesson about what to do to prevent and combat bullying.

"I have a gift for breaking down difficult information for kids so that they can digest it," said Patterson.

His message is something he hopes will stick with these students for life.

"Funny thing is, bullying never goes away. Even as an adult," Patterson said.

Patterson has an impressive resume in the entertainment industry. He's worked with artists like Usher and Beyonce. Now, he bills himself as an edu-tainer. He travels around the country offering this positive message through his energetic act. It's his way of reaching and possibly influencing as many children as possible.

"You'd be surprised how many kids are dealing with it," said Patterson.

That's why several organizations hosted Sir Rod at Jackson Elementary and several other schools throughout the area.

"We want children to feel safe and loved and come to school to learn, not to be intimidated or afraid," said lead teacher Anita Bonnette.

Patterson said his goal is to offer these students an answer.

"You've got to have a solution. My solution is, you've got to report it. Don't ignore it. Report it," Patterson said.

Sir Rod will end up taking his act to more than a dozen coast schools by the end of the week.

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