Some relief on Biloxi road work front

Some relief on Biloxi road work front

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Biloxi residents have been frustrated with the ongoing road project that has paralyzed parts of the city. On Monday, Biloxi started laying asphalt on the  critical connector road between Oak Street and Back Bay Blvd. and Bayview Avenue to Caillavet Street.

This is part of what most residents have seen as very frustrating road project in east Biloxi north of the Railroad tracks. Homeowners and businesses have been upset with the mess and Biloxi makes a point of recognizing any milestone like this one.

"We're going to have all have Back Bay Blvd. with its initial coat of asphalt all the way from I-110 down to Oak Street. The milestone is, you'll be able to drive around all of this road work we have going on in east Biloxi. You take the road all the way down to Point Cadet and vice versa," said Biloxi Spokesman Vincent Creel.

This is just the first coat of asphalt. It should go a long way towards reducing the amount of dust, filling in pot holes and minimizing the danger of exposed  man hole covers. The work underway now completes paving already in place from Caillavet Street to Boomtown Casino. In the long run, the connector road along Back Bay is considered a key component in the master plan to move traffic from Highway 90 around to the I-110.

Construction headaches will continue for quite some time during the course of this project.

"The overall project, now people are going to faint when they hear this, the date is June 24 of 2018. That does not mean it's not all going to be done until 2018. We're going to be working up to that and we're going to be done June 24 of 2018. That is the contracted time for all of the work north of the tracks in east Biloxi." according to Creel.

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