Plans in place to improve infrastructure in Woolmarket

Plans in place to improve infrastructure in Woolmarket

WOOLMARKET, MS (WLOX) - It's been years in the works, and now, the City of Biloxi is moving forward with a plan to develop infrastructure upgrades in the Woolmarket community.

The city will consider taking out a $7 million loan that will go to install new water, sewer, and drainage lines.

City Spokesman Vincent Creel says Biloxi Mayor Fofo Gilich has every intention of keeping the promises made to Woolmarket residents.

"Seven million dollars, the mayor says, is a first step, in a long term strategic plan to make the promises, to follow through on the promises that the city made whenever we annexed these communities," Creel said.

The plan comes on the heels of the East Biloxi infrastructure project, which drew some ire from the residents in that part of the city. But, Creel says he believes residents in Woolmarket are ready for the work.

"They're glad to see anything, quite frankly. The people in Woolmarket for a long time have been saying, 'When are we going to see the improvements. When are we going to see city water and city sewer,'" said Creel, "They saw the police and fire departments right away, but now it's time they see the infrastructure."

Woolmarket residents like Pastor Len McRaney may be wary of promises made by the city, but are happy to see movement in the right direction.

"It's a good thing. There's been some skepticism, some cynicism because delays always do that. There's people that are used to their wells, their own septic tanks and stuff like that, because of that, there's a little hesitancy. And so I think it's more of a wait and see attitude on both sides of the fence," McRaney said.

Seeing Mayor Gilich step up for the people of Woolmarket means a lot to him.

"I think it speaks highly of the mayor, and also for his vision for this area. People want to are looking for you to do something, not just say something," said McRaney.

At this time, there is no time table for the installation of the new infrastructure. Creel says the loan and work involved will not cost the taxpayers any additional money.

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