Beauvoir welcomes Celtic heritage festival

Beauvoir welcomes Celtic heritage festival

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Beauvoir was taken over by Celtic pride Nov. 12 and 13 as the Highlands and Islands Association of Celtic Gatherings put on its annual Heritage Festival.

The festival aims to highlight Celtic heritage, which makes up a large part of the Coast region.

"Celtic is a genealogical background originating from England, Ireland, Scotland, Whales, even north France and some of the areas around northern Europe," said Ray Doss, president of the Highlands and Islands Association.

The two-day event showcases a variety of activities, including jousting.

"It's truly just a love of history. How things [were done], the skills that they used, which can still be used today. We have a lot of beekeepers in our organization. Those skills can still be used today," said Toni Adkins-Reipl of The Society for the Creative Anachronism.

More than anything, the festival wants to educate attendees.

"It's a heritage. If you don't use it and don't keep it up, you won't maintain it. The future generations won't know where they came from and what there is to experience in this culture," Doss added.

The association usually puts on a similar event for Tartan Day during the spring.

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