Coast residents urge calm over Trump election

Coast residents urge calm over Trump election

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The protests over Donald Trump's election as president have spread throughout the country.

But walking on the Coast is done in unity, as residents urge calm.

"I'm so glad the election year is over with, and it doesn't matter who anybody voted for," said Jill Aulds of Gulfport. "But let's get it behind us and reunite."

It was a topic even at the fifth annual Pier Walk from Gulfport Police Chief Leonard Papania.

"We are on the eve of a new presidency," Papania told those who gathered for the Veterans Day event. "We are witnessing turmoil within our own people. We must all choose now not to be a voyeur to a dividing nation but instead, we each must reach out to our fellow Americans and unite."

Haylie Waldrop has had enough from people her own age.

"I know there are a lot of people upset because Donald Trump won, but I mean, the thing is he won fair and square. People my age, in my age group - like the millennials as you would call it - like they need to get over it because everything in life is not going to be handed to you exactly the way that you want."

Added Robert Aulds of Gulfport, "The election's over. We've voted in a new's time to move on and make this country great again like the president wants to. Can't everybody get along with everybody, but we have a new opportunity to try and make things go forward."

All Daniel Kenney wants is for Trump to given a fair shot.

"Give him a chance. Give him time. If you don't like him, four years we can put him on the streets and hire somebody else," Kenney said. "But give him a chance. I think Donald Trump will turn this country around."

De'yonna Harrison is only 10, but she has simple advice for those who are angry.

"Well, I can tell them to pray a lot, and like, if they have a problem with something like send a letter to the White House."

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