Proposed Gulfport Condo Discussion Postponed Again

Much to the dismay of about 50 Gulfport residents, the Gulfport Planning Commission has once again postponed discussing a proposed condominium project.

This is the second time the commission has delayed a public meeting on the requested 160-foot height variance for a proposed high rise project to be located on Highway 90, between Markham Drive and Tegarden Road.

Many of the those who live in the surrounding small residential neighborhood say they simply want the opportunity to voice their opinions. Most are against the project.

"Well, I think it's just outrageous to put a 160 foot tower, 16 stories tall, higher than the Hancock Bank building in the flight path. Now, I'm not opposed to condominium development. If they put some seven story buildings or five story buildings with landscape, that would be fine with me," Linda Scott said.

"I don't like the idea of these high rises going up. They say that the neighborhood is not good, and I don't know if it's on account of the poor people. In other words, they're saying they're all bad, and if these people move in with a lot of money, they'll all be good and it would be a better neighborhood to live in," resident Arthur Good said.

No word yet on why the meeting was postponed. A future meeting date has not been announced.