Family donates Cuddle Cot to help families grieve the loss of a baby

Family donates Cuddle Cot to help families grieve the loss of a baby
Baby Rosie (Photo source: Watts family)
Baby Rosie (Photo source: Watts family)

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - It looks like a small suitcase, but what's inside can give families who have suffered the loss of a baby something priceless; time.

Allison Watts opens the small blue case and explains how the Cuddle Cot works.

"You connect this to the bassinet, and what it does, it will keep the still born baby or the baby that has passed away shortly after birth at the right temperature so they can have more time with the baby," said Watts.

It's something Watts wishes she would have had with her fourth child, Rose Margaret Watts. Baby Rosie was stillborn.

"She had to go that night," explained Watts. "I didn't get the opportunity, more time to see her the next day, so this will change that. This will keep the body at the right temperature, so maybe the next day the mom, a grieving family, would have time just to bond and take pictures, because taking pictures and video are so important."

Baby Rosie is very much a part of the Watts family. That's why Allison and her husband, Mark, wanted to do something to keep her memory alive. They raised $2,700 to buy one of these Cuddle Cots. They gifted it to Memorial Hospital in Gulfport in hopes of helping other families faced with the same situation.

Bridget Miller manages Memorial's Labor and Delivery Department. She calls the gift "precious."

"I think that during difficult times with the patients that are going to come in, it gives them a little bit of hope to see that something positive has come out of somebody's experience, and they're wanting to share that with others," said Miller.

Watts just wants parents to know they're not alone.

"One in 160 babies are stillborn in this country, 24,000 babies a year in the United States of America. I want moms to know you're not alone, and you will get through this. Even though your baby died, your baby has value. It is ok to still love your baby and take that memory with you forever," said Watts said.

The Watts family raised enough money to buy a second Cuddle Cot, which they hope to donate to another coast hospital. In fact, they're only $500 short for a third unit. All are being dedicated in memory of Baby Rosie.

If you'd like to make a donation in honor of Baby Rosie, just click here and put "Baby Rosie" in the "info for seller" box at checkout.

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