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Jackson County Law Enforcers Mourn Loss Of Fellow Officer

The black ribbons that are draped at the Ocean Springs Police Department are a silent tribute to the service of Jason Krohn.

"Jason had something different, something special, something extra, and that something you do not find in young people coming in to law enforcement," Chief Kerry Belk says.

Belk says losing Krohn is like losing a son.

"Jason always had a quick wit, a winning smile, infectious laugh. He was liked by everyone who knew him."

Krohn joined the Ocean Springs Police Department in 1999.

"As Chief of Police, I have never heard any complaints about his actions from the public. All I ever received were accolades, compliments of every kind about how well he did his job."

"He was born to be a police officer, just like my son. I guess when you are around it all your life and you live, eat, breath it and sleep it's pretty much a destiny," Sheriff Mike Byrd says.

Byrd worked with Lt. Krohn on occasion, and Byrd's son graduated from the police academy with him.

All who knew Krohn described him as talented and personable. What they don't know is why he took his own life.

"I don't know if you ever figure out why some one takes their own life, and there is not a quick answer for it," Jackson County Narcotics Task Force Commander Louie Miller says.

And officers say there won't be a quick fix for their grief.

"Losing Jason is a loss I don't think we can ever completely recover from, because he will always be remembered and he will always be held in the high regard to anyone in law enforcement who knew him," Belk says.

By Patrice Clark

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