Police: Student brought pellet gun, knives to school on a dare

Police: Student brought pellet gun, knives to school on a dare
North Gulfport 7th and 8th grade (Photo source: WLOX)
North Gulfport 7th and 8th grade (Photo source: WLOX)

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A 7th grader from North Gulfport 7th and 8th grade is under arrest after police say he brought a pellet gun and knives into the school Wednesday. He is charged with possession of a weapon by a student.

The student is 13 years old. He has not been identified. The weapons were discovered just after noon inside the school.

Gulfport police said the student brought the weapons to school on a dare. Several classmates saw the weapons and told school administrators.

Sgt. Joshua Bromen said the students did the right thing by telling officials about the weapons, and school administrators acted quickly to secure the student and weapons.

Police officials, school administrators, and parents are all concerned, but they agree on one thing. The students at the school are well-trained. If they see something, they say something.

"At least they have intelligent students here that are looking out for everybody else. If we had more students doing things like that, some of the school systems wouldn't have the problems that they have," said parent Harry Herbert.

The student was transported to the Harrison County Youth Detention Facility pending a family court hearing.

As far as the school is concerned, the student has since been suspended until a school hearing takes place in about a week, and they take this action seriously. There are several outcomes to that meeting, including suspension for the rest of the year or alternative school.

You may remember back in April when another student brought a loaded gun into this same school. It that case, a 14-year-old brought a gun, ammo, and a mask to class.

School officials are frustrated, but say they are doing everything they can to prevent this kind of thing happening.

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