Does our weather predict the president?

Does our weather predict the president?

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Meteorologists can predict the weather, usually. But, can the weather predict the president?

Well, the short and logical answer is: no, the weather cannot predict the president. But, some would argue that election day weather could affect turnout which, in the right state, could affect the ultimate outcome.

For example, rain or severe weather could keep more voters at home. Whereas nice weather could encourage more voters to get out the house and cast their ballot.

A study of Biloxi's weather over the last four U.S. presidential elections shows an interesting trend.

In the last two elections, when President Barack Obama won, we had generally cool and dry conditions in the local area, according to local temperature and rainfall records; there was no rain and the temperature didn't warm past 70 degrees the whole day.

In the two previous elections to that, when President George W. Bush won, it was instead generally a warmer setup with rainfall occurring. We hit 80 degrees or warmer both times.

This year, our election day weather has been mild and wet. We have seen rain across most of South Mississippi.

The morning temperatures have been warmer than normal. But, the afternoon temperatures are expected to be either near-normal or perhaps slightly cooler than normal.

"While it's impossible to draw any certain conclusions from this, and one would likely need to include weather patterns in battleground states where turnout significantly impacts the election, it would appear that our warmer pattern favored President Bush, a republican candidate whereas our cooler weather supported President Obama, a democratic candidate," said WLOX First Alert Meteorologist Wesley Williams. "One could also say that in our last four elections, it has never rained when a democrat has won."

"Draw your own conclusions if you wish," Williams continued. "But, just be sure to cast your vote so your voice can be heard. At the end of the day, it's our voice that counts in this election, not Mother Nature's."

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