OS Officer Found Dead At Police Station

Ocean Springs police officers found a fellow officer dead Wednesday night in the parking lot of the police station.

Authorities say the officer, 27-year-old Jason Krohn, died from a gunshot wound. The cause of death is still under investigation, but authorities do not suspect foul play.

The death has left the entire department in shock. News that a police officer was dead quickly brought fellow officers, deputies and community leaders to the police department in downtown Ocean Springs.

The patrol car Lieutenant Jason Krohn drove to work at six am was towed away 12 hours later. Krohn joined the police force in 1999.

WLOX interviewed him just last year after he had been promoted to detective.

Chief Kerry Belk described Krohn as a "rising star" in the department, and said his death is like losing one of his own sons.

Counselors and ministers were at the Ocean Springs Police Department to console officers.

Lieutenant Krohn was married.

His name may sound familiar. Krohn's brother Matthew was one of the volunteer firefighters badly burned fighting a fire in Latimer back in December.