Coast people talk about election and America

Coast people talk about election and America

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - In small towns and big cities around America, people are talking about the presidential election, where the country is, and where we're going.

People gathered for lunch at Triplett Day Drug Store in downtown Gulfport on Monday, the day before Election Day. It's usually coffee and conversation among friends, husbands and wives spending time together and sharing a meal.

During a presidential campaign, especially this election cycle, people seem to have heightened thoughts, opinions, feelings, and concerns. Conversation at Triplett Day Drug Store is a likely microcosm of what is happening around America.

"Sadly, we have a very divided nation. Whoever wins is going to win by a very slim margin, and roughly 50 percent of the American public is not for that candidate," said Jack Simmons.

"Hopefully after the election, everything comes back together and the parties can work together. Right now, it just seems that there is such a schism over which party is right and which one is wrong," Kirk Jackson said.

"We should be more united. We should be discussing in a nice and gentle way between parties, and that's not happening," according to Tom Simmons.

A contentious campaign between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has created a polarizing climate. Peggy Jones is worried about the economy and global turmoil. But she, like most Americans, holds onto a silver lining.

"You have to be hopeful. We have to live every day and be hopeful that it's going to improve," said Jones.

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