Significant rain expected this week... Finally!

Significant rain expected this week... Finally!

It was a very dry October across South Mississippi and because of that, drought conditions and burn bans developed over the past month.

Now, South Mississippi sits under a moderate drought with George and Pearl River counties under a burn ban.

"At the station we only received a tenth of an inch of rain in October," Meteorologist Andrew Wilson said.

The dry weather hasn't just been an issue for our part of the state either. The entire state of Mississippi is under a moderate drought or worse and burn bans extend throughout 76 counties of the 82 counties in the state. Neighboring states have also been experiencing similar issues or worse with extreme to exceptional drought conditions in place for parts of Alabama and Georgia.

This week, significant rain is back in the forecast for the first time in over a month in South Mississippi! Starting Monday a disturbance will raise rain chances across our area and it will keep rain chances in the forecast through Thursday.

Heavy rain will be expected at times as we move through the beginning to middle of the week with most of South Mississippi seeing 1-3 inches of rainfall during that time, and some isolated areas possibly seeing even more. Most of the heavy rain will fall on Tuesday, which unfortunately is also Election Day, so don't forget your umbrella at the polls.

"The amount of rainfall we will see may not be a complete drought buster, but it will at least put a significant dent in the drought itself and maybe even help to pull some of the more southern counties in the state out of a burn ban," Wilson said.

While South Mississippi will get lucky with the heavy rain, other parts of the state will not get as lucky with some spots in the more central to northern parts of Mississippi possibly not even seeing a trace of rain over the next week.

Along with the much needed rain for South Mississippi, we will also get cooler temperatures with highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s and 60s, much closer to around average for this time of year than what we dealt with over the past week where we had highs in the 80s.

Brush that dust off of the umbrella and be sure to keep it nearby for this week.

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