St. Stanislaus is taking it one game at a time in the Class 4A State Playoffs

St. Stanislaus is taking it one game at a time in the Class 4A State Playoffs

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - On Tuesday the Rockachaws hit the weight room building up muscle to help St. Stanislaus accomplish what the 2009 football team the Class 4A State Championship trophy.

The Rockachaws experienced crushing blows in 2014 and 2015 after losing to Noxubee County in the 4A State Championship games.

Record-setting quarterback Myles Brennan and tight end Chase Rogers are key players for St. Stanislaus who experienced the agony of defeat as sophomores and juniors.  They are determined to finally get over the hump.

Rogers, a Tennessee commitment, has snagged 40 career touchdown receptions to tie the state record.  He's the WLOX Player of the Week.

Rogers said, "It's an honor to play for St. Stanislaus.  I couldn't break these records without the help of my O-line blocking for Myles.  Myles throwing me the football, my receivers setting up my routes."

Rogers has 185 career receptions for 3,230 yards.

Brennan has piled up impressive stats as a three-year starter.  In 2016 the LSU commitment has thrown for 40 touchdowns and even more impressive, no interceptions.  In three years, Brennan has 14,276 passing yards, 157 touchdowns and only 22 interceptions.  He has completed 67 percent of his passing attempts.

Brennan says once in the playoffs, you can't look ahead.  First up, Greene County 7 p.m. Friday in Bay St. Louis.

"It's kind of live or die for seven days, "said Brennan.  "If you lose you're out and it would be our last high school game.  It's kind of been our have to win to move on."

Head Coach Bill Conides is the pulse that moves St. Stanislaus in the right direction .

Conides said, "We really got to work one day at a time.  Just be the best possible football team that we can be on a daily basis and hopefully on December 3 we're the one's holding up the Golden Ball."

Besides St. Stanislaus, East Central opens the first-round of the Class 4A playoffs in Hurley Friday night at hosting Forrest County AHS. Moss Point travels to Purvis and the Pass Christian Pirates will be on the road at Poplarville.

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