Gulfport Halloween party aims to keeps kids safe

Gulfport Halloween party aims to keeps kids safe

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Halloween is finally here, and the people at the Isaiah Fredericks Community Center are trying to make sure the kids have more treats than tricks.

"It's very important for the kids sake we bring everyone together. We had about 300 kids come in and out the door in the last hour," said organizer Kent Jones.

Hundreds of kids turned out in full costume for a night of fun.

"You get a free picture. You get a hot dog. You get popcorn. You get cupcakes. You get all that at one time," said Jones.

One of the main things of concern was the safety of all the children.

"I think it's a nice thing to keep the kids off the street and keep them safe. You know, we got those clowns out there, so it's a good thing to keep them safe," said parent Pat Sims.

"We realize safety is always an issue when you go to different Halloween parties, when giving out candy. We want to make sure the candy is safe," said Jones.

Parents are more than happy.

"This is my first time doing stuff like this, so I'm happy to be a part of it," said parent Charles Hilliard.

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