Health enthusiasts prepare for Battle on Buffett Beach

Health enthusiasts prepare for Battle on Buffett Beach

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - A waterfront location named after Jimmy Buffett seems like the perfect place to relax. But on December 3, Pascagoula's Buffett Beach will be anything but relaxing.

"We're out here training for Battle on Buffett Beach. It's a 5K obstacle course that will traverse the length of the beach and back," trainer Lauren Wood explained.

The Battle on Buffett Beach is sponsored by Singing River Crossfit. Owner Vincent Jackson was the one leading Saturday's training session. He said the event is all about helping people.

"We just love to see people getting out and training and just getting out and exercising," Jackson said. "When the city manager, Joe Huffman, brought this up, we thought that it would be a good idea to bring something like this to Pascagoula."

One of the people Huffman is aiming to help is Jennifer Williams, whose hoping to conquer the obstacle course in a few weeks.

"I'm testing myself pretty much because I've never done this before and it's my first time," Williams said.

"She came the first time we put this on, and now she's back again. She's lost 70 pounds, her health is a lot better, she's feeling a lot better," said Vincent.

"Pascagoula is a great town and for all this to be going on today and for the city to be putting this together for the people to be coming from the town, from outside of town. The buzz is going, I think it's gonna be great for the city. It's awesome," said Wood.

The Battle on Buffett Beach will take place on December 3. If you're interested in taking part or learning more about the event, visit:

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