Berry's parents talk about crash that sent daughter to ICU

Berry's parents talk about crash that sent daughter to ICU

ST. MARTIN, MS (WLOX) - Brittany Berry doesn't remember anything about Monday night's accident that sent her to intensive care, but her mom and dad can recount every agonizing moment.

"Oh, it was just a shock. It freaks you out. You're like, is she alive? Is she OK?" asked Alex Mullen.

The Mullens recall receiving the devastating phone call, rushing to the crash site, then watching their daughter in the hospital in extreme pain.

"She was hurting so bad. I don't know what to do. She was holding the nurse's hand, and it hurts you when you hear that, your child," said Alex.

Their 22-year-old was heading home with two friends and some steaks to celebrate a successful job interview. She was scheduled for a follow-up interview on Tuesday.

"She knew she had the job. She's all happy over it, all excited.  And then, wham. This happens and destroys that next opportunity," said Alex.

Berry was driving through a D'Iberville intersection when a truck t-boned her car. Authorities say the truck was stolen from Alabama and the driver was fleeing from Jackson County deputies.

Berry ended up in ICU at Memorial Hospital at Gulfport with broken ribs, a collapsed lung, fractured pelvis and bleeding spleen.

"If I'm not crying every minute, trying to hold myself up. Is she going to pull through this," Tanya said.

Then, came a moment that lifted everyone's spirits. The restaurant where she had interviewed, Patio 44 in Biloxi, sent flowers and a note saying there's a position for waiting for Berry when she recovers.

"It was just touching that the Patio 44 did that for her. She smiled, happy. So she couldn't wait," said Tanya.

The Mullens say their daughter is also grateful for the outpouring of support from loved ones, even strangers.

"It's scary, it's tough. I just thank the good Lord that she's still here. I'm not questioning why this happened. I'm just thank Him that He kept her here, " said Alex.

Numerous people have visited Berry at the hospital, including the couple from Mobile whose stolen truck crashed into Berry's car.

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