Brown water concerns Kiln Utility and Fire District customers

Brown water concerns Kiln Utility and Fire District customers

KILN, MS (WLOX) - Several people in the Kiln were met with an unpleasant surprise when they turned on their water faucets Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Instead of crystal clear water coming out of the tap, dark brown water rushed out.

Cheryl Knudsen, office manager with the Kiln Utility and Fire District, said some customers might still be seeing discolored water, but it is safe to use and drink.

Knudsen said the problems started with a leaking water line near the Hancock County Sportsplex off Hwy. 603. When crews dug up the water line to make repairs Wednesday, it broke.

The broken line was quickly repaired, but Knudsen said the temporary loss of pressure followed by water flooding the lines broke loose sediment that had settled in the lines. That is what's causing the discoloration in the water.

"We are flushing water lines all over the Kiln to remedy this problem," said Knudsen.

Knudsen said utility crews are now working to flush the water lines to clear out the dirty looking water, but they need your help.

If you are a Kiln Utility and Fire District customer and discolored water starts coming out of your tap, please call 228-255-2595 to make a report.

Knudsen said reporting will help crews know where in the system the sediment has traveled so they can get out and flush the lines in that area. There will no disruption to service while crews flush the lines.

Knudsen said there are no boil water notices in affect for Kiln Utility and Fire District customers.

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