Family of woman found in Bayou Bernard speaks

Family of woman found in Bayou Bernard speaks
Priscilla Earl (Photo source: Earl family)

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The family of the woman whose body was found in Gulfport's Bayou Bernard is speaking out.

Priscilla Earl's family says they want answers for their beloved sister and daughter. Renee Hall said she wants to make sure her sister is not forgotten.

"She was sweet. She'd give you the shirt off her back," said Hall.

Priscilla's step-mother, Helen Earl, said she and Priscilla were somewhat close around the time of her death, although her problems with drug addiction had become apparent.

"She could not admit that she was doing drugs," Helen said. "Sometimes, I would see her on the street, and I would pull up and ask her, 'What are you doing out,' and she'd say, 'Just walking.'  I'd say, 'Priscilla, are you doing anything you shouldn't be doing?' She said, 'No. I promise.'"

Hall said Priscilla had been in and out of jail for drugs and prostitution, and she seemed to lose hope after she lost her four children.

"She had so much pain in her life, so much. I think that's why she turned to drugs," said Hall.

Helen said she wishes she could have done something more to help Priscilla, but she didn't know how.

"I have times I get out of bed. I can't sleep. I feel like I failed her," Helen said.

"We have to put my sister to rest now, not knowing who did this or what happened to her. She didn't put herself there," said Hall.

Hall said Priscilla lived with her boyfriend in Gulfport at the time of her death. She also said she was the one who had to identify Priscilla's body by her rose tattoo and a tattoo she had of Clayton, the name of her children's father.

Gulfport police say they're still waiting for Priscilla's toxicology report to come back. The investigation is ongoing.

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