Poll selfies discouraged as Election Day nears

Poll selfies discouraged as Election Day nears

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - If it's not on social media....it didn't happen. At least that's the way heavy social media users tend to think. It's also why posting selfies at the polls can land voters in trouble in some states.

Justin Timberlake recent came under fire for snapping a selfie while he cast his vote in Memphis. But, Tennessee isn't the only place where the patriotic social media moment is illegal - Mississippi is among the can'ts.

"That has become a big issue in the last few days. Mississippi does not allow photo taking within the precinct," said Connie Ladner, Harrison County Circuit Clerk. "So, no selfies at the precinct with your ballot.

Because voting selfies are typically posted as encouragement, Ladner understands that most people mean no harm.

"I know a lot of people want to get out there and encourage other people to go vote," noted Ladner. "When you get your 'I voted' sticker that day, go outside and take a picture of you with your 'I voted sticker' and post that on your social media."

Those who get caught snapping pictures at polls could face a fine, or even be arrested.

Other don'ts on election day include wearing paraphernalia that supports a specific candidate, which includes printed slogans like "Make America great again" or "I'm with her".

Lines are expected to be long on Election Day. Registered voters can vote with a state ID and are asked to have it available for poll workers to look up voter information.

Absentee voting is underway until November 5. Click here to read the qualifications for casting an absentee ballot.

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