Gulfport has an arson suspect, but not enough evidence

Gulfport has an arson suspect, but not enough evidence

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Gulfport fire investigators say they have an arson suspect they believe started several fires in a neighborhood, but they don't enough evidence to make an arrest.

Fire Chief Michael Beyerstedt said his investigators and investigators from the State Fire Marshal's office canvassed the neighborhood around of Eastside Ave, Second Ave, and Third St right after the string of fires earlier this month, even talking with the possible suspect.

"The string of arsons has seemed to come to an end out there. Whether that was connected to our canvassing and talking to the suspect or other things, it's tough to answer," Beyerstedt said.

The chief said while there's not enough physical evidence to charge the suspect at this time, the case remains open. In fact, Beyerstedt said investigators from his department and Gulfport Police Department were back in the area Wednesday talking with people about the fires and developing another possible suspect.

"I don't want to comment on any evidence we do or don't have," Beyerstedt said. "If someone came to us with first hand info, that's something we would want to know about."

Anyone with information about the fires should call the Gulfport Fire Department at 228-868-5950.

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