Job fair lands man employment; unexpected testimony

Job fair lands man employment; unexpected testimony
More than 900 people attended Wednesday's job fair. (Photo source: WLOX)
More than 900 people attended Wednesday's job fair. (Photo source: WLOX)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - For hundreds of job seekers filling the convention center on Wednesday, one thing is on their radar - landing a job.

"I'm here looking for a job today," said one job seeker. "I was just curious. Seeing what was available," said another.

Organizers boast more than 1,200 available jobs at the Unemployment Eliminators job fair. Potential employees range from all demographics and backgrounds; many hoping to find a better way to take care of those they loved.

"She means the world to me, my family means the world to me. So, we're just out here trying to make sure that we can successfully provide for them," said Henry Wiggins.

Others hope to start a new career after a life full of experience.

"I like to be challenged and I like to continue to learn. I like to push myself, I work really hard. I'm a little bit concerned because I'm now turning 60, and I wonder what the job market is going to be like for me," said Zeke Fairbank.

But, one man's story is a testament to the success of the job fair that makes a stop in Biloxi several times a year. Allen Williams remembers walking through the convention center doors in 2014 - jobless.

"Really, had never attended one before and decided to give it a shot just to see what was available," said Williams.

After talking with a Tulane University recruiter about continuing his education, Williams found something else: A job. Two years later, Williams is standing on the other side of the table talking with job seekers.

"It just gives more meaning to coming back here and knowing that you could become that difference maker for that next person that finds themselves in the same situation you were in," said Williams.

More than 900 job seekers showed up for Wednesday's job fair.

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