Oyster reef near Ocean Springs Harbor opens Nov. 1

Oyster reef near Ocean Springs Harbor opens Nov. 1

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - History is about to be made at the Ocean Springs Harbor. For the first time in decades, an oyster reef off the mouth of the harbor will be opening very soon. The opening is set for sunrise on Nov. 1.

The usual 15 sack limit will be in effect for tongers. The oysters will be unloaded via a conveyor belt at the Ocean Springs Harbor then put on ice and trucked to Pass Christian.

The opening of an oyster reef will be good for business at the Ocean Springs Harbor.

"The winter months are usually slow for us here at the business. This will certainly give us a boost to the bottom line," said business owner Kenny Dinero. The oystermen will be buying fuel and supplies at our shop, and it's also good for the commercial fisherman, as they can continue to make money for the holidays."

How long the season will last is anyone's guess. It could be as long as two months or as short as two weeks depending on the weather. Rain could also play a role in the opening or closing of the reef.

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