Record-cold follows record-heat in the South

Record-cold follows record-heat in the South

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Car heaters cranked up all across South Mississippi when Sunday morning's temperatures chilled into the 40s and even 30s.

WLOX Weather App users even received a notification advising them to grab a jacket, and perhaps hats and gloves, on the way out the door

This was the coolest morning of the season so far. For some of South Mississippi, it was the kind of cold the either tied or broke some temperature records.

"These chilly morning temperatures are caused by a process called 'radiational cooling'," commented WLOX First Alert Meteorologist Wesley Williams. "Radiational cooling requires clear sky, light wind, and dry high pressure to allow for rapidly cooling conditions."

Will we continue to see chilly mornings this week?

"Probably won't be quite as cold," answered Williams. "While we'll keep a clear sky and light wind on Monday morning, the air won't be quite as dry. As the air becomes less and less dry this week, this will prevent our overnight and morning temperatures from cooling so much."

Sunday morning's chill comes hot on the heels of unseasonable heat. Earlier during the week, parts of South Mississippi had temperatures so warm that they tied records.

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