Dreams Of Home Ownership Come True For Biloxi Family

With song, with prayers of thanksgiving, and with expressions of sheer jubilation, Carolyn and Jessie Grimes of Biloxi take possession of the keys to their new home, courtesy of Harrison County Habitat for Humanity.

"I've been praying for a long time," says new home owner Carolyn Grimes. "I've always wanted my own home."

Even with a house full of well wishers, Carolyn took us on a tour of the new home she says will definitely change her and her family's lives for the better.

"This is what I'm really happy about, having my own washer and dryer," says Carolyn. "Isn't this something."

"We do have a lot of habitat heroes out there that's making this program possible in this community all along the Mississippi Gulf Coast," says Harrison County Habitat for Humanity President Sidney Rushing.

"It was really exciting to be able to know that I was accepted, so I was willing to do whatever I had to do," says Gaines of qualifying for Habitat for Humanity's help. "I'd work the sweat equity hours, sick or not sick, I wanted to get these hours in for this home."

This marked the culmination of the Gaines families dream of home ownership, however it's just the start of the Harrison County's Habitat for Humanity's drive to build more such homes this year.

"Our goal this year and this goal will be achieved, we plan to build eight homes or more," says Rushing. "That's the minimum of eight."

Work that will be done by those Habitat Heroes, both old and new.

"Oh yes sir," says Gaines. "I intend to. As long as the lord lets me I will do so."