Community Gathers To Support Families Of Children Killed On ATVS

Lynn Dore ran nonstop Saturday afternoon to keep her mind off of Sunday's accident.

"This has been therapy for me. I've been so busy with this I haven't had time to grieve. Tomorrow I will. I'll cry all day tomorrow, I will,"Dore says.

The accident killed 11-years-old Josh Sayre and 11-years-old Dustin Walls.

Dore is friends with Dustin's mother.

When she heard the horrible news, she immediately wanted to help.

Dore thought serving up a special plate dinner fundraiser was the way to go.

"I just couldn't imagine having something like this happen to my son and I just wanted to help with the medical, funeral and burial expenses," Dore says.

But organizers aren't just selling food, they're also washing cars hoping to raise $10,000.

Cars were lining the street to get scrubbed with the help of some of Josh and Dustin's classmates.

"We want to help them because we know they're going through a lot of pain right now," Megan Clark says.

While washing cars, they couldn't help but remember their friends.

"Dustin always cracked jokes and Josh always talked about hunting and fishing,"Classmate Allison Faggard says.

"This has been healing for me knowing that we are trying to do this to help these families. There's a lot of love and support here and I hope they feel it," Dore says.

Josh's father Thomas says their efforts are indeed appreciated.

"They just don't know how much this really means to our family and to Dustin's family too," He says, "Money is nothing in this. It's just the outpouring of love from the community. I'm overwhelmed from it."