Award-winning Jackson Co. icon attends 90th fair

Award-winning Jackson Co. icon attends 90th fair

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The name Nellie Wells may not sound familiar, but she's no stranger to anyone connected to the Jackson County Fair.

Wells is a walking history book when it comes to the annual event - she has attended every one for the past 90 years.

"Oh, I love it. We used to walk from home, from Escatawpa, down here to the fair to save our money to buy something," said Wells. "We used to get a fish for five cents."

Born on Sept. 12, 1918, the 98 year old is a fair icon. She started going at the age of eight when, as a third grader, she made preserves for a food competition.

Every year, Wells enters homemade items such as handmade quilts, quilt toppings, embroidery, or her favorite baked goods into the competition - and brings home the top prize. Over the years, Wells says she's probably brought home hundreds of blue ribbons.

"I think it's nice. I'm used to getting them," said Wells, who won 25 blue ribbons this year.

Her daughter Gloria McArthur added, "She gets very excited when fair time is near."

The world has certainly changed a lot over the years, but the Jackson County Fair is still around and so is Nellie Wells.

As for how long she plans to attended the yearly event: "As long as I live."

Wells has passed on her love for the Jackson County Fair to her children and grandchildren, who also enter their canned goods to be judged.

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