Millennials hope for more mature campaign toward end

Millennials hope for more mature campaign toward end

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Among the age group most sought after by the 2016 presidential candidates are millennials. But many millennials say none of the candidates are doing much to get their vote.

Nov. 8 will be Jordan Wildhaber's first presidential election and one to remember for a long time; although not necessarily for good reasons.

"The Republican candidate and the Democratic candidate won't pique any interest in me at all," Wildhaber said. "Watching these debates have actually made me not want to vote, although I will vote because it is my duty as a citizen."

Many students at the Jefferson Davis campus of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College consider themselves independent or moderate conservatives. Even so, all want a president who they best identify with.

"I'm not really concerned about the chatter," said sophomore Ciara Clark. "What I'm concerned about is their goal for the country."

Erin Hicks is upset at the rhetoric, but has made up her mind to vote for Donald Trump.

"I look for someone who has the same values and beliefs as me," Hicks said. "I look for someone who stands for their country. Someone who has a strong military support system, and someone who supports the values of life."

Students say the campaign has created debate among themselves, but in this case, it's more mature.

"I believe that we have healthy discussions," Wilhaber said. "There's no reason to stoop to the level that immaturity we speaking to one another. It's all about respect. And if you can't respect someone's opinion, then it doesn't go very far for you."

Sophomore Brenton Field also wants more positive discourse.

"What I want to see in a president is a level of maturity to where they can show that they are able to run a country and lead people to a better future," Field noted.

First-time voter Rilyn Shumway, an independent, feels the process is stressful.

"Because if one person gets elected, something's going to happen," Shumway said. "If another person gets elected something else is going to happen."

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