Moss Point residents react to city fraud allegations

Moss Point residents react to city fraud allegations
Moss Point City Hall (Photo source: WLOX)

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Moss Point resident Doris Smith is one of many who say they are fed up over the city's latest controversy. "My initial thought was here we go again," Smith said. "It makes me feel angry because Moss Point is lacking in leadership, always have been."

The state auditor is investigating Moss Point's utilities department and police department after finding discrepancies in their accounts.

"I love Moss Point, love doing business here, but I don't like my tax dollars wasted. I don't like people stealing my tax dollars and using it for whatever," said business owner Robert Parker.

Community members say they wish the city would make the public more aware.

"That's how they operate. We heard about it, we know about it, but let's sweep it under the rug," said Smith. "It's wonderful that y'all are pressing it, because we can't get answers. We go down there and ask questions, but we get no answers."

Still, others say despite the lack of communication, they believe Moss Point could be on the up and up.

"Maybe that's a start, maybe Moss Point is on the right path right now to getting everything back in order," said Moss Point business owner and resident Eric Barnes.

Residents say they are pleased to know that the employees linked to the investigation no longer work for the city, but hope that from now on a second set of eyes will be looking over accounts.

WLOX News Now did call the mayor's office for comment Wednesday, but was told by his secretary that he was unavailable.

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