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Beautiful weather makes a comeback for the weekend

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The past few days have not been very fall-like as temperatures have risen into the lower to mid 80s across the area. There were even a few spots rising up to 90 degrees. The warm weather has also been accompanied by a good amount of moisture, making for muggy conditions and slight chances for rain.

A long awaited cold front is on the way though, and it may deliver some of the coolest temperatures we've seen so far this season.

For Wednesday and Thursday, we stay warm and muggy with temperatures above average, making it feel more like the end of summer rather than the beginning of fall.

Friday temperatures start off in the lower to mid 50s after a cold front passes through overnight. If you think lows in the 50s sound great, you will probably also love what the high temperatures will be on Friday: Mid 70s with plenty of sunshine overhead.

The beautiful weather isn't just for Friday either. Temperatures are expected to be in the 50s for lows and 70s for highs throughout the weekend and into the early part of next week.

"While it is great to have the cooler temperatures this weekend, it will be bad to have the dry weather continue," said WLOX First Alert Meteorologist Andrew Wilson

Wilson said we are in desperate need for rain, not just in South Mississippi, but for much of the state.

"Areas in South Mississippi from I-20 northward are in a moderate to severe drought. If we don't see more rain soon, this drought will likely dip south to our area and create problems," said Wilson.

The main issue northern parts of the state are dealing with right now are the risks for wildfire. Burn bans are in place for almost every county in the state of Mississippi.

Right now, no burn bans are in place for any county in South Mississippi, but there are a few burn bans for cities and towns.

"With no significant rainfall expected with our significant cold front, I expect that much of South Mississippi will see burn bans pop up, and the drought will worsen," said Wilson.

With the cooler weather settling in just in time for the weekend, many will be thinking about having a bonfire or maybe even lighting up some logs in the fire pit. Before you light that match, be sure your area isn't under a burn ban, or you could face a serious fine.

Also, be sure that even if a burn ban isn't issued for your area that you take extra caution when lighting a fire as dry conditions could still allow a fire to spread quickly.

You can find an updated list of burn bans for the state here.

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