Mail Carriers Pick Up Fight Against Hunger

Postal workers across the country are doing more than just delivering mail. They're teaming up to help fight hunger.

Postal workers asked people to leave non-perishable food items beside their mailboxes in an effort to fight hunger. Rodney Derouen has been a mailman for 28 years, and he didn't mind that his work load was a lot heavier than usual on Saturday.

"You feel a few more muscle pains from picking up the cans and all that but it's well worth it," Derouen said.

The National Association of Letter Carriers collected the food as part of their annual "Stamp Out Hunger" food drive.

"The mailman goes to every mailbox," Biloxi resident Talmadge Reeves said. "If people can put a couple cans of soup or salmon, you know. I know they've got in it the cupboards, and they're not going to eat it "

The postal workers are giving the food they collect to local charities to feed the less fortunate. Last year, postal workers from around the country collected 64 million pounds of food. Postal workers will continue picking up food the rest of the week for anyone who forgot to put out food on Saturday.

by Danielle Thomas