Warren the eagle euthanized in Baton Rouge

Rescuers working to save badly injured bald eagle

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - We have very sad news to report. Warren, the bald eagle rescued from Warren Paving this morning, has been euthanized.

Rescuers with Wild at Heart Rescue tell us Warren had multiple fractures in his wing and had swallowed a fish hook.

"Overall, euthanasia was definitely in his best interest," a post on the Wild at Heart Rescue Facebook page said.

The bird was rescued Monday morning in Gulfport, and then Wild at Heart rescuers drove him over to get checked out by veterinarians at LSU in Baton Rouge.

One of Warren's wings was badly damaged, and the veterinarians considered an amputation.

"A large bird such as this eagle, amputations cannot be done higher than the carpals because of balance issues," the Facebook post continued. "Federal law prohibits amputations above the elbow."

Wild at Heart said the exposed bones sticking out from Warren's wing were dried out. That creates favorable conditions for infections and maggot infestations.

"We can all take comfort in knowing this bird, who has been suffering for days, is no longer suffering," Wild at Heart posted. "Although the outcome is very sad, we were honored to take this bird to LSU. They are absolutely amazing."

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