Vigil gives support to recent D'Iberville graduate Chris Fisk

Vigil gives support to recent D'Iberville graduate Chris Fisk

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Family and friends came together Sunday in prayer for a recent high school graduate Chris Fisk was injured in a car wreck two weeks ago.

The injuries created complications, and now he's struggling to stay alive in a New Orleans hospital. Those who know Chris best say he will fight his way through this.

"I know that he's going to fight this," said his mother, Amanda Fisk. "We have the same hard hardheadedness, same attitude. I know that he wants to get better, and he's going to push his way through this. We will be that hardheaded team together again someday."

It will be a long time before Chris can come home. Amanda said he will have to face neurological and physical rehabilitation as well as speech therapy.

The candlelight vigil comes two weeks after Chris was injured. He suffered pelvic fractures, but the fractures released fat from bones that lodged in his brain.

He was following his friend, Sean Baker, in his car, but they got separated. Baker went back to find him.

"We showed up and I said, 'This is why you're not answering your phone, isn't it?' He looked at me and he gave us his little laugh. He laughed at me and he said, 'Yeah.' After that, he turned over, and they said he wasn't remembering much. It got from OK to shocking, and it got really scary for us," said Baker.

Other friends are there to support him and each other.

"I feel like he could use all the support he can get," said Jason Green. "Not just him, but also his family, because I know they're going through a lot."

Christina Re' is a friend and organizer of the vigil.

"We're here for whatever they may need for the life ahead," Re' said. "Anything we can help in his recovery, whether it's monetary donations or just the power of prayer."

Lewis Valdez has simple plans when his friend comes home.

"Play games together and go back to the good ole times," said Valdez.

If you'd like to help, contact Re' at

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