American Girl dolls teach history through fashion

American Girl dolls teach history through fashion

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Hundreds of American Girl Doll fans convened on the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center for an afternoon of fun, friends, and fashion Sunday.

After a proper tea party and some socializing, attendees were lead on a trip through history as each model and her doll took the runway.

"It was very pretty, and all the clothes and stuff were like very outstanding," said Madelyn from Slidell.

"I learned to wear clothes that you like," added her friend Julie.

The fashion show featured more than 120 models.

American Girl is famous for its dolls and the back stories that come with them. Each doll represents a specific era in history, making the dolls not only fun, but educational.

The show featured commentary that included facts about fashion trends during the era that was on stage.

"Did you know that in Rebecca's time, a lady, even a young lady, always wore a hat when she went out," said one of the emcees as Rebecca, a doll from 1910, walked the runway.

Shari Wise, who comes all the way from Pensacola, FL for the show each year, said the dolls helped her daughter in school.

"We started out with the dolls about 23 years ago, roughly, when my oldest daughter didn't want to learn to read because why should she? I read to her was her logic. Wanting the dolls, we said they come with a book. If you want the doll, you have to learn to read," said Wise. "That was her motivation, and within a few weeks, we saw a turnaround in everything at school. She was starting to read. Life was grand and from then on. Every year, she would receive an American Girl doll."

It's plain to see the dolls are still as popular as ever.

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