Vendors wrap up Fear Fete convention in Biloxi

Vendors wrap up Fear Fete convention in Biloxi

BILOXI, MS (AP) - Fear Fete is winding down just as some of the vendors are getting started. Dozens of tables were filled with items you won't find in any regular stores.

One vendor was Robert Valentine, whose products can light up anyone's day.

"They're all handmade masks. Me and my friend came up with this concept. They're all different. They glow in the dark. They're pretty cool. They're one of a kind, too," said Valentine.

Not only does Valentine sell light up shoes, he sells popular light up masks from Hollywood blockbusters as well.

"The most popular one right now is the purge mask. It's the coolest one. It's got the x's on its eyes. It's probably the best selling one we've had all weekend. The kids love the neon green and stuff," said Valentine.

Outside of the internet, there are only some items you can find in the vendor's section of Fear Fete.

"I think it's awesome. It's just like this cool convention with all these different things, and it's not just things you can find at Walmart or anything like that. It's really unique," said an event attendee.

First timer Mayah Villarde is new to town. She said she couldn't believe something this cool could be found in the Magnolia State.

"I've never been to Mississippi. It's my first time being here, and I didn't think things like this would even come here, especially to Biloxi. I think it's pretty cool," said Villarde.

"First time I've ever been here actually. I'm just interested in all the stuff, taking a look at all the merchandise and stuff like that. It's cool to have a place people can come to buy it, to hang out as a community," said Garrett Weeks

Organizers say Fear Fete will be back again next October.

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