Historic camp in need of equipment upgrade

Historic camp in need of equipment upgrade

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Camp Wilkes has been submerged in Biloxi history since the 1930s.

Thousands have been a part of the camp since the organization's inception. One of those is Phillip Seymour, who is now the camp's manager.

"Since then, we have been a scout and youth group for any group that wants to come out and rent the facility for a weekend. We can camp up to 200 campers," said Seymour.

Seymour says some of the equipment at camp is starting to show its age. He is looking for new ways to replenish the camp to offer the new generation a newer look.

"The swimming pool 45 feet by 75 feet concrete pool, we have to replace some of the piping around the pool for the filtration system so we have to dig up part of the concrete sidewalk around the pool," said Seymour.

The dining hall is also another area that could use some improvement.

"It's time for a new roof. We would love to install heating and air condition, right now it doesn't have any, and we're at the mercy of the breeze coming off the Gulf," said Seymour.

Another issue of concern are the cabin bunk beds that have likely been used by a handful of generations.

"We've also got some older military style metal bunk beds that we're looking to upgrade to new bunk beds and buy new mattresses," Seymour continued.

Any help, the manager says, would greatly be appreciated.

"Any help that we can get, any company that can step forward and help us out, it's a great time to donate as tax season concludes soon," said Seymour.

To help, visit www.campwilkesinc.org/ or call 229-388-3736.

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