Coast Republic women conflicted about Trump comments

Coast Republic women conflicted about Trump comments

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Demeaning. Offensive.

Those are words from the mouths of Coast Republican women about Donald Trump's recent comments about women.

But will those words put a halt to their support of the Republican nominee? Not likely.

Sandra Lobrano of Long Beach has been a volunteer for Trump's campaign for a year, and nothing will make her change - not even foul language from her candidate about women.

"The things he talked about was - bar none - very offensive," Lobrano said. "And as a woman, no woman wants to know or hear those kinds of things, but considering our choices in this election…."

Lobrano's big agenda items include the second amendment, keeping Congress, and putting conservative voices on the Supreme Court.

And Hillary Clinton, she says, just doesn't represent her values.

"I think we do need to come back to our core principals, and our core principles are what our constitution is about," said Lobrano.

The same for Gulfport city councilwoman and Trump supporter Cara Pucheu. The comments are secondary to what she believes the most.

"I definitely do not condone any kind of sexual assault or any kind of demeaning sexual things, but my main thing is that I am pro-life," said Pucheu, who added that she doesn't take Trumps comments about women seriously. "Talk is one thing, action is another."

In the meantime, despite the comments, organizers say enthusiasm for Trump volunteers, including women, hasn't diminished. In fact, the cash donations continue to roll in.

"Since the incident happened Friday night, it hasn't affected any of the phone calls I've made," Lobrano said. "And it hasn't affected the traffic that is coming into this campaign headquarters. People are excited. They are ready to go."

Lobrano says she will be joining a group of about 40 other volunteers headed to battle ground states to support Trump. The group will be leaving for Orlando, Fla., Oct. 30 for what is being called Mississippi Strike Force.

Likewise, Pucheu says the enthusiasm is still there.

"I have not seen any kind of a fall out. You may have one or two people that actually supported other candidates, and this is just an excuse for them to now say they don't support Trump."

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