Video shows amazing bald eagle rescue

Video shows amazing bald eagle rescue
Podesky holds the bald eagle after the rescue (Photo Source: Wild at Heart Rescue)

VANCLEAVE, MS (WLOX) - Wild at Heart Rescue president Doug Pojeky is known as the bird whisperer.

On Saturday, he lived up to the title by saving a stranded bald eagle.

"He has a way with these birds, he gets their attention some kind of way and can capture these birds bare handedly," said Wild at Heart Director Missy Dubuisson.

And that's just what Pojeky did after making his way into a wooded area in Biloxi.

"I could hear the bird flopping around," said Pojeky. "Then whenever I walked back there, the bird was postured in a defensive way."

That's when Pojeky began to work his magic.

"What I do is kinda just make a calming noise for the bird, and have them really focus on my face and my hand," the bird whisperer said.

Pojeky's uncle Kelly Buchanan was there as the 9 pound bird was rescued.

"I was amazed how big it is. The wingspan was probably like 6 to 8 feet," Buchanan said.

The distressed eagle was taken to the animal emergency room, where veterinarians determined there were no broken bones, only a soft tissue injury to its wing.

"The bird had obviously go into a into tussle with an osprey that's pretty common for them to try to attack them when they have food," said Wild at Heart Director Missy Dubuisson.

For now the bird will rehab at the Wild at Heart Rescue Vancleave facility, and should be able to be released in a few weeks.

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