Gulfport, Hancock team up to sack alleged football thieves

Gulfport, Hancock team up to sack alleged football thieves

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - As the Gulfport football team ran past Hancock Friday night, thieves allegedly broke into the Admirals locker room. Parents of Gulfport football players say thieves took headphones and personal possessions.

Parents - many who had already left the game by the time the burglary had been discovered - are outraged.

"Parents work hard to get these things for our children and for someone to come to the game and take those things is not fair," said Gulfport parent Pamela Braziel.

Braziel says there are rumors of a woman walking into the locker room, but nothing has been confirmed. Regardless of who is responsible, Braziel wants them to step up and do the right thing.

"Whoever took those items needs to give them back. I'm sick; dealing with lupus. I can't just go and replace and iPhone 6," said the upset mother.

Hancock County Sheriff Ricky Adam is aware of the incident and says his department is working with school officials to identify a suspect.

"Yes, the students did have items stolen from them from the locker room. It's an unfortunate incident but we are working with the school district, pulling some videos. We'll identify the suspects from there and take the necessary steps to catch these folks," said Adam. "Our investigators have been in touch with Chief (Leonard) Papania in Gulfport and we are keeping him updated and we are moving forward from there. It's very unfortunate. A door was apparently left open on the inside of the gym and that's how the suspect gained entry."

Gulfport School District spokesperson M.C. Barton released the following statement:

"Gulfport School District is aware of the incident that happened last night at the Hancock High School vs. Gulfport High School varsity football game. While this incident is still under investigation, we would like to thank the Hancock County Sheriff's Department along with the Hancock High School Administrators for working diligently to resolve this matter."

As the thief - or thieves - makes off with the valuables, all players and parents can do is sit back and wait.

"They [school officials] told us they couldn't do anything until Monday, which, Monday is a holiday. School won't be open...we are at a standstill."

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