D'Iberville pulls out all stops for Cruisin'

D'Iberville pulls out all stops for Cruisin'

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - The city venues for Cruisin' the Coast have closed the books on 2016.

D'Iberville has been a venue site for 17 years. Saturday, it said goodbye to 2016 visitors in style.

Fan favorite Vince Vance proves that Cruisin' isn't just about cars. It's also about dancing, and it's about people. That's why the D'Iberville venue is the only one Nikki White visits.

"My whole family is from D'Iberville, and I feel like it's nothing but family every time I come here," said White.

There are a lot of cars of every kind imaginable. Randy Coggins of D'Iberville is scoping them out for one in particular: a 1961 Ford pickup truck unibody.

"Every October I'm looking for one just to see if I can find it," Coggins said. "And they're pretty rare. I see a lot of the ones '60 models, '62, but, haven't spotted a 61' yet."

Jerry Drewes of Gulfport has a car with an unspecified birth date, and it has many parents.

"I had four cars I was going to part out and crush," Drewes said. "I took a part out of each one of them."

That would be a 1930 Chrysler, 1970 Camaro, 1976 Trans-Am and a 1957 Chevy. For the lack of a better name, he calls it Bat Fink because of the fins.

D'Iberville has been good to Louisiana resident Ty Hargroder. He won the 2016 Mayor's Choice award for his 1948 Chevy Pickup.

"Oh, this one's nice," Hargroder said. "It's not small. Not too big. Not to hectic. Was easy to get to. And then, we won. That makes it even better."

While it's been a great year for all of Cruisin' the Coast, there's no real post-event let down.

"Not for me," Hargroder said. "I get to drive the truck when I get home. I can go to work in it."

Drewes agreed.

"Not at all. "Actually, it lifts me up more. Every year we get more and more people coming in from other places and it's just more to see. You're overwhelmed."

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