Hurricane Hunters closely monitoring Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Hunters closely monitoring Hurricane Matthew

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - As Hurricane Matthew terrorizes the east coast, the Keesler based Hurricane Hunters are doing all they can to keep people safe. Reserve Airman Leesa Froelich said missions like flying into Matthew help to gather potentially life-saving information.

"The information that we collect helps provide the National Hurricane Center with the data they need to prepare people if they need to evacuate, or if they're okay staying where they are," said Lt. Froelich.

Once information is gathered about a particular storm, it's uploaded to the National Hurricane Center for real time weather modeling.

"We've been flying Hurricane Matthew since last Tuesday, and we actually started flying it when it was an invest when it wasn't even Hurricane Matthew or Tropical Storm Matthew," said Lt. Froelich.

The Hurricane Hunters are now flying into Matthew daily. Daylight flights allow the crew to not only collect data, but see with their own eyes what's happening in and around the storm.

"You can look down at the surface and see the very strong waves that are happening down there and the wind speeds that are happening on the surface. You can also usually see the type of cloud formations that are around you, especially if it's a daylight flight," said Lt. Froelich.

The next Hurricane Hunter flight into Matthew will be Saturday at 5am.

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