Spotlight on the Anderson brothers of Ocean Springs

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OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - In November, thousands of people will come to Ocean Springs for the Peter Anderson Festival. The event celebrates the work of one of the three Anderson brothers who started Shearwater Pottery back in the 1920's.

The Walter Anderson Museum of Art has put together an exhibit that tells the story of how the Anderson brothers created art together.

James Anderson puts a fine glaze on a ceramic plate while his son Peter sits at the potter's wheel. The process has been going on since 1928 at Shearwater Pottery in Ocean Springs.

It began with Peter Anderson who worked along side his brothers, Mac and Walter, to create world famous Anderson family art.

The Walter Anderson Museum of Art has opened a new exhibit titled Brothers of Craft. The exhibition tells the story of three brothers working together.

"We are trying to encompass all the brothers in this exhibition. Most people know Walter or Peter Anderson, but few may know about Mac or the intense connection between them," said Curator Mattie Codling.

One gallery features the work of Mac Anderson, and another showcases Peter's incredible ceramic pieces. Of course, the museum is filled with the unmistakable art of Walter Anderson.

Brothers of Craft explores the personalities of each of the brothers and more importantly celebrates the collective genius.

"They lived together their whole lives, they worked together. They were very connected emotionally and artistically. They encouraged and inspired one another. It's central to all their artwork," Codling said.

The Peter Anderson Festival comes to Ocean Springs in November. Visitors can stop by the museum and enjoy Brothers of Craft, and head out to Shearwater Pottery and see where this wonderful story all began.

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