Biloxi police, school district issue warning ahead of homecoming 'prank war'

Biloxi police, school district issue warning ahead of homecoming 'prank war'

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - According to Biloxi Police Chief John Miller, homecoming shenanigans almost turned deadly in 2015 when a student pointed a paintball gun at police officers.

"We had an incident last year where an officer was called to a report of a prowler one night at a residence, and a student dressed in black clothes was lurking outside the house," Miller said. "He turned on the officer and was brandishing a hand gun. It was only a paintball gun, but that could have been a deadly situation."

Biloxi High School's Homecoming Week starts Monday, but the junior versus senior prank war usually starts the weekend before.

Biloxi police and officials with the Biloxi Public School District want students to know malicious mischief and property destruction will not be tolerated.

School district leaders sent a recorded phone message to parents this week to let them know about added police vigilance and enforcement efforts over the next week.

Miller said students found trespassing or causing damage to property will be arrested.

"In the past, we've taken people to the police station and called their parents," Miller said. "Students may very well be arrested, and we'd hate to see an arrest record hamper their chances of going to a premier college or joining the military. We're asking people to make good decisions, and we're warning students and parents now."

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