Cruiser buys classic Corvette following cancer diagnosis

Cruiser buys classic Corvette following cancer diagnosis

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - It takes a lot of time to rebuild, paint or modify an old car. For one cruiser, his love for classic cars became an exciting reality just five months after receiving devastating news.

Thursday was the first time Roger LeBlanc of Lake Charles, La. laid eyes on his new love -- a gift from his first love.

"It was very joyful, it really was. This is a present from my wife," said LeBlanc.

In 2008, LeBlanc was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Eight years later, he was told he also has pancreatic cancer. His wife agreed it was time for something uplifting.

LeBlanc said, "I got a bad doctor's report and I walked out and said, 'I'm gonna get a toy.' And my wife says, 'Well what do you want?'"

From there, LeBlanc contacted Darrin Wood of Wood's Body Shop in Huntsville, Al. to turn a 2012 Corvette into one of the most iconic models.

"We usually take an old car like a 50s Corvette, 60s, and then we put [it on] a new frame so it runs more modern, so it has power and just more reliable. But what we decided to do is take a new Corvette and make it look older," Wood explained.

Wood made the body of the LeBlanc's Corvette out of carbon fiber and added other features to make the ride more comfortable and safer.

"The chassis is a 2012, so it has the big disk breaks, sport ride as well as touring and paddle shifters, six speed automatic, L-S3 motor," LeBlanc said.

"When you're inside it all looks new, you got the paddle shifter, you got the navigation, you've got the air condition, power seats. Just on and on there's so much nice things in there," said Wood.

LeBlanc's dream of revamping his old sports car came true. Now, he's hopeful he can revamp his health.

"There is a path to a cure. I have about a 35 percent chance of getting to that," LeBlanc added.

Wood says normally it takes eight months to a year to modify a Corvette. However, his team modified the 1962 Corvette in just five months so LeBlanc could enjoy it longer.

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